Bosnia (1990s)

A sex trafficking network linked to UN peacekeepers is exposed.

The ‘sex-for-food’ scandal (2002)

An internal report implicates more than 40 international aid organisations in the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in West African refugee camps.

Haiti (2004-2017)

Peacekeepers stationed in Haiti allegedly trade sex with children for food, and dozens of women say they have become pregnant after being raped.

Central African Republic (2013-2015)

UN peacekeepers are accused of sexually abusing and exploiting women and children. French troops are accused of forcing children into acts of bestiality.

Democratic Republic of Congo (2017)

UN peacekeepers are accused of rape, sexual abuse, and exploitation, accounting for roughly a third of all allegations against peacekeepers in 2017. Women say they are left pregnant and forced to care for children on their own.

Oxfam scandal (2018)

Country director Roland Van Hauwermeiren is accused of paying women and girls for sex in Haiti, leading some donors to pull funding to the NGO.

UN Tel Aviv video (2020)

A video of a woman straddling a man in the backseat of a UN Truce Supervision Organisation [UNTSO] vehicle in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv prompts a UN sexual misconduct investigation.

UN sex abuse investigation in Uganda (2020)

The UN launches an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and the exploitation of women in Uganda’s drought-stricken northeastern Karamoja region.

Ebola aid worker sex abuse scandal in Democratic Republic of Congo (2020)

More than 50 women accuse UN and NGO aid and relief workers of sexual abuse and exploitation during the Ebola outbreak from 2018-2020.